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The current online auction is closing Saturday, March 14
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Welcome to Levis Online Auctions

We are pleased to present our annual First Nations and Inuit Art online auction!
This auction is open March 2 and closes March 14 at **approximately 3pm Calgary time.

This auction is divided as follows:
- Pages 1-3, Lots 1-156 Inuit Art and Sculpture
- Pages 4-5, Lots 201-348 First Nations Art and Artifacts
- Page 6, Lots 351-378 Books

**The auction does not close lot by lot.  
The entire auction will close after there has been no activity on any lot for 2 consecutive minutes.
If you are not able to follow the auction after 3pm on March 14, please contact us to discuss absentee bidding.

The next Live auction is April 19 at MRU and the deadline is approaching quickly.

Follow us on facebook for updates. 

Sincerely, Doug Levis / Cheryl Sonley
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Inuit; School
Untitled - Two Whales
Inuit; Qittusuk; Charlie
Untitled - Walrus
Inuit; Etidlooiela
Untitled - Two Birds
Inuit; School
Untitled - Walrus
Inuit; Pudlat; Pudlo
Family of Owls #48/50
Inuit; Johnnie
Untitled - Snowy Owl